SEO Copywriting – for Beginners

SEO Copywriting – for Beginners

SEO Copywriting – for Beginners

SEO Copywriting

Well crafted copy engages customers and search engines alike. This course will teach you to write so you engage your audience with captivating copy while your keywords rank highly with Google. You will learn to incorporate your keywords into your copy without all the fluffiness, which are turn-offs for existing and prospective customers.

Pre-Course Requirements

Some knowledge of SEO principles and writing for the web would be useful.

• Copywriting techniques
• Engaging an online audience

SEO Copywriting Basics
• A few essential guidelines
• Examples of good and bad online copy

Choosing the Right Keywords
• Tools for choosing keywords
• Different types of keywords (broad vs narrow)
• How to think like your customers

Anatomy of Optimised Copy
• Headers
• Intros
• Sub-heads
• Links

SEO Copywriting Mistakes
• Avoiding keyword cramming
• Avoiding irrelevance
• Avoiding contrivance
• Avoiding lack of flow

Writing Search Engine Optimised Copy
• Understanding your audience
• Writing to suit different contexts:
- web pages, landing pages, social media, emailshot, blogs
• Finding the right tone of voice
• Writing to length
• Using keywords to build narrative structure
• Knowing where each keyword should go
• Using blogs and social media platforms

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